Sometimes Graphics Card will work, sometimes not!

Hi Guys,

I have a cheapish PC with a fx-8120 + HD Radeon 7750 + 8GB Ram + 430watt PSU on all a Biostar A780L3L motherboard

I'm having a bit of an issue whereby sometimes when I turn the PC on, it boots up fine, display wakes up and all is hunky dory. But roughly half the time, Unless I take out the graphics card, turn off all power and then re-insert the GPU, the thing wont output a signal to my monitor. despite working fine the night before without any modifications.

This can apply for something even as basic as a restart.

My monitor is connected via HDMI straight to the GPU

any ideas?

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  1. I would assume it's a psu problem. If it was a video card issue you should hear beeps and will not boot or BSOD. It also could be pcie problem since reinserting your card makes it work. HD 7750 takes all its power from pcie so it might be the connection. If you can borrow a psu try that first, If it still does the same try a different video card or try putting your hd 7750 to a friends pc.
  2. Hi pal,

    Cheers for the response. Having never touched the BIOS before, I updated it and restored it to defaults and it seems to have cured the problem

    regardless, appreciate the response so thank you
  3. good job.. its risky to do anything in bios.. I am planning to get a hd 7750 for my e8400 pc, I think I am gonna have the same problem as yours.. hehehe..
  4. i switch on my computer my HD 5450 Graphic card not working, then i reinsert my Card, it was working. then i restar my computer i was not working

    Sorry for my bad english

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