AMD GPU along side with a Nvidia GPU

Hello folks! Right now my current setup is just a single GTX 580 SC. Runs fine, got two monitors hooked up to it working fine.

I have a HD 5450 that I used to use in my HTPC that I would like to put in my second PCI slot and output it to another monitor. I don't want to play games or use it for anything demanding really I just want to be able to put IRC or something alike on another monitor to the side.

People have told me this is possible, but Googleing I can't find much about it. Any info is helpful.

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  1. idk, did you try installing the drivers for AMD and hooking up the monitor to it? Might work!
  2. You have an i5 2500k with a z68 mobo don't you? Use the integrated, it uses less power and is less hassle. That's how I run my monitors: hd 3000 + 560ti.

    But with the 5450, it should work. Nothing to really tell you but to try and find out. Sometimes the amd drivers don't play nice with other display drivers.
  3. i dont really remember but if im not mistaken with 7 you can install two (or maybe more) different drivers in the system so your amd card should work if you got drivers for it
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