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Just thought I would get some opinions on a build I will be doing after christmas, and if there is anything to change.

I will be using the following:
CPU: i5 3470
MoBo: Asus p8h61 m lx3
Memory: Generic 2x4gb Ram
Case:Generic ATX
PSU: Generic 600w PSU
HDD: 500gb unsure of brand
The above i cannot change but below is what I am still considering and could be persuaded to change:
GPU: Asus GTX 650 ti 1gb gddr5
Monitor: Dual Samsung 22 inch
CPU cooler: Corsair h60
SSD: Help me decide this, wanting 128gb

With this setup I am aiming to be able to play BF3 on max settings with minimal overcocking if any.

I would appreciate all feedback, thanks for your time.
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  1. Drop the CPU cooler to a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. Get a more powerful graphics card. For a 128 GB SSD I would suggest a Samsung 830.

    Also, "generic 600W PSU" is a very scary term. Generic PSUs can be really bad sometimes.
  2. Any specific GPU in the same price range as the gtx 650 ti you would recommend?
  3. It's going to be difficult to get Battlefield 3 running smoothly at ultra without throwing more money at the graphics card. Especially if you expect to game across both screens.

    Assuming you're only going to game on one screen, a Radeon HD 7850 may be enough with a good overclock. I'd be more comfortable with recommending a Radeon HD 7870 or Geforce GTX 660 though.
  4. the gtx 560, radeon 7770 or 7850 i think all are under 200 and i think they are all better than the 650 ti
  5. Generic PSU is a scary term, I have to agree with Sakkura. Also have to agree that the 650 ti might not have the chops to max out BF3 on one screen, much less the higher res of two. Get the Hyper 212 instead to offset budget.

    HD 7770 or even 6870 should perform a bit better than the 650ti, though once again a 7850 might be more what you should look for if you're really wanting to max the eye candy.

    I'm just all kinds of late to the thread.
  6. Will be researching the GPUs recmmended. I will be checking back later to let you know how i got on, thanks
  7. wil the Asus mobo listed take an I5 3470 ?? Asus website doesnt list it
  8. garryash said:
    wil the Asus mobo listed take an I5 3470 ?? Asus website doesnt list it

    It will, but only if the motherboard is updated with a newer BIOS first. If you're just building from scratch you'll need to get a motherboard with a newer chipset - B75, H77 etc. - instead.
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