Is this a good Budget Gaming/Editing PC?

Hello, so I decided to build an AMD computer and this is my build so far. My budget is 600 euros. I'm sticking with AMD. My build includes an OS. Can anyone give any advice or tell me if my system is good or not. It will basically be used for Gaming and editing. I already have a mouse, speakers and keyboard.

CPU- AMD FX-6100
GPU- AMD Radeon 7770 x1
Disk Drive- LG 24x
Case- Advance x11
Ram- Crucial Ballistix 8GB DDR3 1600
HDD- 500 GB Seagate Barracuda
PSU- Antec High Current Gamer Series 520W 80+ Bronze
OS- Window 7 Professional 64 bit

My final price for all of it is: 570 euros

I have a couple of questions. With an extra 30-40 euros should I upgrade my CPU to a FX-6200 or should I get a 2GB GPU instead? Should I get a GTX 650 or stick with the 7770(they're basically the same price and I'm only running one monitor). Because I will be doing video editing, should I upgrade the hard drive to 1tb or is 500GB fine for now and wait to fill it up, before I get a new one. I don't yet plan to over clock, but if I do, can someone recommend me a good CPU cooler. Please and Thank you for the help. This is my first build. Also can anyone tell me if all of this works together. I was trying to make sure it all flow fine together and that I had some room to make upgrades in the future as well.
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  1. 1) I would actually look at upgrading to the AMD FX-6300 if possible. If not then I'd do the 6200 over the 2GB video card. You do not need 2GB of vRAM unless you are using multiple high res monitors or a single large format high res display.

    2) The drive size is your call. It will depend on how large your files are. However, I would say if the upgrade to 1TB is not that much, just do it. It's cheaper than having to go back and getting a 2nd drive.

    3) Cpu cooler? COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO. It is a go to cooler for a lot of people. It is a low price for a very good cooler.

    4) I am willing to bet that PSU is pretty expensive. While it is a very good PSU, I think it is overkill for what you are running. The 7770 does not take that much power AT ALL. You could get away with an Antec Earthwatt 380W for that thing. I would look a lower cost good PSU and potentially get a better video card. The 7770 is a nice lowend gaming card, but you could really reconfigure your components a bit and get something a little better. Here in the US the GTX660 is about 2x the cost of the 7770. You might be able to change some things around and take advantage of some deals in order to get to that card. It would do you FAR FAR better than a 7770. The AMD 7870 is the AMD counterpart to the GTX660, they perform pretty much on par with one another. Check out the GTX650TI article. It shows the 7770 and GTX660 in comparison with other cards in that realm. Of course if you get a GTX660 you would have to look at a good 500W PSU.,1/Graphics-Cards,4/

    5) Crucial memory tends to sell at a premium. There is an opportunity to save some money.

    BTW what side are you ordering parts from?
  2. Well I live in France. So the sites I order from are mainly going to be:

    There is a street in paris called Rue Mongallet. Which has approximatly 60+ computer stores that sell things at pretty competative prices. So I'm going to check there sometime this weekend. If I could find good deals on some UK(or any other country) sites that wouldn't kill me on shipping I would hapiy buy from there. Is the FX-6300 really that much better? Ok I will go for the 1 tb HDD. I will look into a different PSU, the reason I looked at that one was that it gave me a good space for upgrading if I wanted to and it was only at 50 euros. I don't essientally know whata good price for a PSU likethat would be. Also I know antec was a decent brand in computers as well. With the RAM, it was the cheapest 8GB at 1600 Mhz I could find coming at about 30 euros. Thanks for replying BTW.
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