Does powercolor hd 5670 need a psu connector

Hello, I was wondering if the powercolor hd 5670 really needs to have it's 6 slot connector plugged to the psu. Based on a bit of research it may work if not connected since my psu doesn't have a 6 slot pin. I could be wrong though since my monitor doesn't turn on when plugged to the gpu even though I uninstalled my built in graphics. Also I can't seem to find the part in the bios where I can switch vga settings to pcie. Please help...
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  1. that for your graphic card reinstall the internal graphic start your test with this one first then you could had your hd one also see your motherboard user manual for bios settings on graphic
  2. There's a problems. My graphics adapter setting is already set to give priority to the pcie slot so there should have been no problem. Also do you mean to test if my internal graphics is working before installing the video card?
  3. set back to onboard and test system with dont forget she need to be reinstall then if system post and you get video after put the hd 5670 let windows detect, put her first pci-e do not disable or uninstall the onboard install the latest driver for your os
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