Need some ideas on potential upgrades

I am looking to upgrade some of my components - MOBO/Processor and Graphics Card(s).

I have some ideas but I would like to ask you all a few questions. First, is now a good time to buy or are new products about to hit the market?

Current MOBO/Processor:
ASUS Crosshair Formula V

ASUS Sabertooth Z77
Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge

With the comparisons above is it worth upgrading or should I wait for new products? I am looking to upgrade so that I wont have to do so for 2-4 years. Its okay if in two years I upgrade say one component.

My setup isnt terrible, I know alot of people swear by Intel and I think Id like to give it a shot and see for myself. I also believe I can get some money back by selling my exsisting hardware.

Now on to GPU's. I am really interested in doing a SLI deal but is it worth it? Is there a card out now that by itself could last me for 4 years? Am I correct in thinking that if I do SLI that I definitly could maintain that setup over 4 years?

Powercolor Radeon HD5970 2GB (Dual GPU)

GeForce GTX 680?

Again, Id like to try with Nvidia this time around. Is there a good value card to SLI with the above questions in mind?

I currently have a 850W power supply (Upgrade if needed) and I play at 1920x1080 resolution.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I know there are some games that favor the Intel CPU's over AMD, however, you are running a newer high-end AMD chip. I would look more at a GPU upgrade for overall performance that will guarantee better performance in all games.

    As far as what GPU, if you want a single powerful GPU I would get a higher end GTX680. They will run most games maxed out at a 1080 res. While it should last you 4 years, as you know, games always get more demanding and you will inevitably need to reduce graphic settings. I always upgrade to the next gen cards and sell my current card on eBay or elsewhere. I usually sell it right before or right after the new cards are releases to ensure I get top dollar for my card. It has always paid 1/2 - 2/3 of the cost of the upgrade.

    For an SLI system a pair for GTX670's would just toast any games out there. They run about $100 less than a 680 would. You could also go with GTX660Ti's if you wish. Generally a GTX670 performs just slightly lower than a 680, if clocked the same it performs very similar.
  2. Leaning more to having only one card now after reading some things here. My HD5970 still does well but looking into one of those 680's

    I am definitly interested in Intel, Ive read countless posts with AMD and Bottlenecking or that it is not the choice for gaming. I also made a mistake with the Intel CPU - I was looking at one of the i7's. I just figured that if I did change out that I would want to do it sooner or later simply because of what you stated with re-selling.

    Another question I have is how do you calculate the Power Supply needed. I saw on one card that it required 550W power supply. Is that only for the card? Do you double that if someone was to SLI?

    I would like to hear some more ideas and I may wait and focus on reading and learning more about setups for now.
  3. Intel is superior to AMD in the gaming market and will remain that way. (Amd's focus is not on desktop chips and they don't have the money Intel does.) However, as previously said. You have a newer AMD chip. I would also agree that you would benefit most from upgrading your GPU for now, save up and get the new Intel Haswell chip when it comes out around March to June 2013.

    My .02 cents
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