I need help building a gaming rig!

Hello. I am planning on building my first ever PC but don't have too terribly much to spend. I am limited to about $400 and don't know what parts to get. I want it to be a gaming rig though. Thanks in advance for the help!
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  1. do you have anything, like a keyboard and mouse, a monitor or an operating system disc ?
  2. I have an old monitor and keyboard and mouse. I was planning on buying new ones though. But that is not included in the $400.
  3. Read the $500 build article on Tom's main page. That's about the lowest you can go. I'd recommed just waiting and saving until you hit that $500 mark.
  4. Thanks! Do you have any personal suggestions for a build? I am probably going to order everything in a bundle off of Newegg.com, but if you know a cheaper site please let me know. :)
  5. it will be hard to put something decent enough for $400. if you need an operating system it really can't be done. even an APU set up would be tough.

    what games do you play ?

    you need a case too ?
  6. I play anything from Minecraft to Call of Duty. And yes I need a case.
  7. this isn't the best, but it isn't the worst. no monitor included. didn't remember if you needed one but don't think I could have built something any cheaper that would be any good... ? did I miss anything ?...... the onboard" graphics should be good enough for what you listed. you can always add a graphics card later.


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