Bf3 ultra

i would like some help on what to get that will play bf3 on ultra or very high setting the cheapest.
My budget is around 700 or so if the wife will let me :)
i dont know much about resolution so if you could help me out with what that means I know the basics for tv like 720 and 1080 but does that mean the same thing in pc gaming terms?
Also if you could point out which graphics cards can handle bf3 on ultra settings thanks!!
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  1. you just need a graphic card? what are the rest of your system spec?
  2. grab x4 7970/7950/670/680 from either sapphire/gigabyte/aus/msi and your good to go specially expecting your going at x3 monitor or higher depending on monitor resolution 1200p/1440p/1600p

    well yeah those above can net you good performance but a single 7950 is a good one from either sapphire or gigabyte
  3. Thanks for the replys. I don't have any idea how to install/build my own as I would probably break things, any suggestions on where to buy that will but everything together for me?
  4. Just to be clear its £700 for the whole PC. And in the UK please
  5. Thanks mate

    Will so this will play on ultra ok? And will they put it together for me? What about resolution?
  6. Yes it will play pretty much all games on ultra 1080p no they do not put it together for you
  7. What about this?

    What is the difference between 8gb and 16gb ram will it make much difference?
  8. If you can take advantage of it no not at all.
    Video rendering, 3D Rendering, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Flash all can eat up RAM fast when your dealing with high resolution work so if you doing that it might be worth it.There aren't very many applications that will use 16GB of ram, plus that ram is not compatible with the aftermarket cpu cooler that's why you see most buy low profile.
  9. So if I am just doing gaming like BF3 it wont be a big difference?
  10. That is correct i just game with 8GB it's more then enough i never even use half it Crysis 2 Campaign MSI GTX 670 OC Test Battlefield 3 PC Operation Swordfish Campaign Combat GTX 670
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