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I need help in setting up a wired network for a PC along with a wireless network for my Laptops. I have a Rogers cable modem and 2 wireless routers # 1 -Dlink 524 ( b/g) and a Trend net (b/g/n).
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  1. Can you explain why 2 wireless routers? Will they be in different rooms? Which one will be connected to the Rogers cable modem? Will the wireless routers be connected via Ethernet?
  2. Thank you for your reply. I have 2 routers lying around and wanted to make sure the entire house has coverage. I was using the 2 routers with a separate SSID and it was working fine. My wife has decided to work from home and her company wants her to have the PC on a wired network. I could hook up the PC directly to the rogers cable modem as the entire house is wired. My problem is that once I connect the PC directly to the Rogers cable modem how do I set up a wireless network as the modem has only one ethernet port? Is there a way I could have a wired connection for this particular PC and a wi-fi network for all the other devices? The rogers modem is in the Basement. The PC is on the 1st level and the laptops are on the 2nd and 3rd level along with the Samsung Smart TV which I use to connect to a wireless network.
  3. Why don't you connect the PC to one of the routers via Ethernet? That will meet her employer's requirements.
  4. I could but they want us to run a software called Belarc and it does an analysis of the PC which shows that the internet is through a wireless network. I can get the PC through a wired network but it is the wireless network which I need help with as ponce I dedicate the internet to the PC how do I set up a wireless network?
  5. Explain how Belarc detects that you're using a wireless network if the Ethernet port is used. If Belarc verifies that the PC's IP address is provided by the modem, then that's a totally different thing. How is everything currrently connected?
  6. You guessed it right ! The belarc does verify that the Pc's IP address is provided by the modem. How do I overcome this problem ?
  7. Unless you can get an additional IP address from Rogers, it can't easily be overcomed. if they expect the PC to be the only one connected to the modem. Does Belarc run whenever a connection is established with the office or do you run it only once and send the results? I presume that the connection is through a VPN connection and if so, why would they care?

    Is that PC connected to a router via Ethernet? Do they allow NAT as long as Ethernet is used or do they absolutely require a valid Internet address?
  8. I am enclosing some replys from the company people below. Not sure about NAT but the PC is connected to a router via the Ehternet. Also they want the router to support VPN pass through. They also need the wireless card to be disabled in the BIOS( please see my post in the HARDWARE section of Motherboards and Memory.

    These are the requirements
    Router and Network Systems

    Recommended Routers: Linksys and D-Link

    Mandatory: All Network devices must be hardwired and the router must support VPN pass-through. Please contact local PC Technician or Router manufacturer for assistance.
    Note: VoIP Routers and Combination Modem/Router Units are not recommended as your primary router.It is strongly advised that your Network include a separate standalone Router.
    Router Required: Standard Linksys (Etherfast Cable/DSL router), and D-Link. A “Wired” connection to the router is required. A “Wireless” connection not supported for security reasons.

    Not Permitted: USB or Wireless Network Cards (must be disabled in the BIOS).

    P.S. They have sent me a diagram of the router setup which I can email you directly if you want.
  9. Now I understand their requirements. They want you to use a router like the Linksys BEFSX41. At a minimum IPSec Pass-Through has to be enabled in the Security, VPN section. I use that router for similar reasons. Send me a private message if you want to send me the diagram.
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