What do i get from the gtx 670?

OK so i was looking and i was wondering how much better performance i would get from a gtx 670 msi power edition against the hd 7850
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  1. A decent upgrade!
  2. yeah oh and hey muffin its panicmaster85... i had to make a new accout because my old one got banned for something i did not do :/ so yeah, its wierd though my friend and i have the same specs just that i have a gtx 670 and he a 7850 and he is getting like 5 fps lower than me in bf3
  3. The 7850 sit somewhere between a 560 ti and a GTX 570. A GTX 570 is a little better than a 7850.A 670 spanks a 7850 hardcore.
  4. yeah i dont know why i would be getting around the same fps on Golf of Oman i get like 35-50 fps which i mean i expected a lot higher(i have it maxed out) and i also have my cpu overclocked to 4.5(fx-8120) the wierd thing is when im getting low fps i check gpu-z and it says the gpu is under like 60% load so I don't know what the issue is there... please help me fix this issue and when i stress test it with fur mark it does go to 100% so i dont know
  5. http://www.overclock.net/t/1265110/the-gtx-670-overclocking-master-guide#post_17391118 Try this tutorial, it goes over everything needed for GTX 670 overclocking, and takes into account that each chip is different.If you are using 2.2.4 there is a file setting you have to edit to allow voltage control to work.
  6. yeah... im not sure if i should overclock my 670, also do you think in bf3 it is my cpu or gpu causing the problem?
  7. Don't know what are you getting? I will test one of mine in BF3 right now and see what fps i get with sli 670 i am getting 113.1 fps settings on ultra it dips to 91.3 fps sometimes lol
  8. yeah im getting while at the hotel looking toward the city on golf of oman 40fps... it really makes me mad because it is a LOT lower than i though it would be i though i would get like 50 lowest :( it may be my cpu im not sure but all i know is that its too low
  9. On Ultra I get like 42+ FPS.....GTX 560ti 448 Cores at GTX 580 speeds.....
  10. It's most likely your cpu. I had the same thing with my FX8150. Went to a i7 and now I'm at full gpu usage.
  11. really? OK well thats fine with me as long as i have an scape goat for bad fps XD then im happy... im upgrading my cpu in january so I guess i can hold out till then, and yeah its wierd because when i play crysis 2 with my 670 it doesnt even break a sweat... well 55 fps if the going get real tough XD but yeah it was just really strange
  12. yeah so i just ran heaven in dx11 with everything maxed out on 1920x1200 and i got a low of 27 and a high of 80 is that good? not overclocked
  13. I get 70.1fps in BF3 Settings were set at Ultra level with 4X MSAA and 16X AF with HBOA enabled.
  14. its CPU bottleneck for sure
  15. OK awesome at least i know the problem... do you think that i should push my 8120 farther it is at 4.5 right now and i have on load 49 temp
  16. you can but it will not benifit in gaming
  17. why? i thought there was a bottleneck :/
  18. akshayghai29785 said:
    you can but it will not benifit in gaming

    It will, especially in games like BF3.

    @panic master

    What's your battlelog/origin? :)
  19. RnG Ramen85 i think :D
  20. oh no wait i think its actually just RnGRamen
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