Which gtx 670 should I pick?too many types!!

Hi my name is kevyn and i'm thinking of buying a gtx 670 video card.However,there are too many redistributors and I don't know what's the best one out there.Please recommend a gtx 670 video card.Thanks in adv.
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  1. pick a 670 that has the best cooler on it. I have an ASUS Direct CU II cooler and it works great, very low noise and very cool.
  2. i would recommend the gigabyte gtx 670 with the three fans (which tends to be the cheapest that has a good cooler) or the msi power edition gtx 670. i dont know much about the asus but its probably very good aswell. the evga ftw version would be good to if you dont mind the reference cooler
  3. The cards with the fans that dont kick out the air out the back of the card are actually usually much quieter and cooler. Examples are asus's gigabyte's and galaxy's.
  4. hmm.thanks for all the info.Actually for where i'm staying at,although I do have access to almost all the brands of nvidia resellers save galaxy and evga
    The main problem is the cost a $420 video card in america(asus' vid card) costs $659 here.
    So as much as i do want to get the asus one(,heard about the rave reviews of it's 25db awesomeness),I can't as it blows my budget.
    Basically i'm down to about 4 cards.Please help me choose which is the best cos I'm pretty much a noob

    Budget <600

    Palit GTX 670 jetstream -$555(never heard of this b4)
    MSI GTX 670 -$605
    Gigabyte GTX 670 -$588
    Leadtek GTX 670 WF -$529

    Thanks in adv and to the people that helped =D
  5. Is that the Product Name: GTX 670 Power Edition OC
    Part Number: N670 PE 2GD5/OC
    Warranty: 3 Years if so get that i have two they kick ass!
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