Computer goes into white screen randomly?

this happens rarely like once a day or so. My computer goes into a white screen randomly no idea of the cause of this this happens by anything like playing games or even watching youtube videos. any help would be great. im connected to a samsung 23 inch monitor through hdmi my specs are here
xfx radeon hd 7970 core edition
intel i5 2500k at stock settings atm
corsair 700w psu
8gb ram
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  1. did you install your graphic card's drivers?
  2. yeah i have 12.9 cata beta drivers. i did an antivirus scan cleaned my registry and seeing if the problems continues.
  3. yeah it just happend again... this is really annoying it happens unexpectedly at random times doing whatever on the pc.. im guessing this is either a psu faulty or gpu? any ideas what could be doing this?
  4. any help would be appreciated
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    make sure your psu is plugged into the gpu correctly, uninstall 12.9, try one like 12.7,if those dont work, then send them back and get a good psu (I recommend corsair or antec.)
  6. I'd also tell you to check your VGA cable for a short circuit or a cut, it happened to me twice so far, once because of the cable and once because of the monitor itself (but it was an old CRT, I don't think this applies here too)
    Also, try using, for example, this benchmark:
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  8. ok thanks
  9. did my advice help? cause I would feel more appreciated if it did work, lol.
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