7970 vs 7870

been searching a while for a thread about 7870 vs 7970 and all i found was x-fire 7870s vs 7970

what i want to now if anyone can help me is a 7970 worth paying an extra £120? can someone also link me to benchmarks for a 7970, 7950, 7870 and 7850 :)

Also, what nvidia cards are better than these cards with similar price if not cheaper?

forgot to mention, i have a OCZ 500w psu, will i need to upgrade it?
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  1. You'll only be able to get a 7870 with that weak of a PSU.It is pretty hard to find a benchmark comparison of all those that's up to date. This shows the 7870 compared to the 7950.


    At 1080, the 7870 is a bit slower than the 7950 which is a bit slower than the 7970. The 670 is a bit faster than a stock 7970.


    Here my suggestions and don't ask which is better there is no clear winner http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150586
  2. if you're really concern about money just go for 7870. what is your current card? preferred gaming res?
  3. right now i have no card as my 6850 broke, i dont game at 1080 but plan to in the upcoming months, right now my res is 1440x900
  4. At that res i would be looking at a GTX 660 or R7870 look here get which ever favors the games you play click on image to enlarge http://imageshack.us/a/img845/2592/2066vs787big.png

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  5. Great chart, ive just had a second look and noticed the gtx 570, 6970 and 7850 are the same price, which one would be best in overall performance?
  6. @1920 X1080 the GTX 570 is stock for stock 8% faster but when overclocked i say the 7850
  7. so i should buy a 7850 and OC it? or is it worth OCing for a few extra frames?
  8. I think it's your best bet with the PSU you have otherwise i would go for the 570 because it favors the games i play.I don't know what games you play so it's hard to say lol.
  9. i play D3, wow, borderlands 2 and minecraft mainly if that helps
  10. jonno121 said:
    i play D3, wow, borderlands 2 and minecraft mainly if that helps

    7850 is powerful enough for those games.
  11. Those games are favored by NV cards but the 7850 is good enough and i think because of your PSU it's your best option the 7850 performance is in between a 560 ti and a 570 it's a bit faster then a 560 ti and a bit slower then a 570 i don't think your taking a big loss as i mentioned 7850 can overclock beast
  12. ok awesome, thanks for the help guys
  13. Your welcome!
  14. MC primarily relies on the CPU. I never get over 25% GPU usage on my card, and even if I take it out I still get quite good frames.

    If you are an avid player of Borderlands 2, as much as I hate to admit it, you might even should consider a 660 for the PhysX. I'm not a person who thinks PhysX is a buying point, but it does look nice no doubt. 660ti trades blows with a 7950, but the overclocking headroom is very nice. Although if you do get an AMD card you can still use a nvidia card as a PhysX card using hacked drivers. PM me and I'll give you a link on how to do it if you do choose to match an AMD master card with a Nvidia PhysX card.
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