Is something wrong with my CPU?! Please help.

I have been monitoring my temps and speeds like a hawk.

This pc is brand new, only built monday. I have a Phenom II 965 BE 3.4ghz.

However when i open "Asrock Extreme tuning utility" Im noticing my CPU Speed is bouncing from 2194.57 Mhz and 3339 something Mhz....... Is this normal? Sometimes it drops down to as low as 798Mhz

All my temps are fine, CPU idles at 28c and underload 40c.......

Motherboard temps are always below 30c and my GPU idles at 25 and undleroad hits 45c
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  1. It seems to be on 2194.12 Mhz ALOT more than the 3339....

    Ok i noticed that it was low when i was on destop or just browsing.

    When i play a game it stables at 3395Mhz
  2. Yes it is normal,

    All modern CPUs reduce the speed (Mhz) and voltage in order to reduce power consumption when it won't be used like sitting idle in Windows. The full speed will kick in when you'll need it.

    Don't worry, everything's fine
  3. I just noticed that its down to 2195.77Mhz when im browsing or on the desktop, When im gaming it stables at 3395Mhz.

    Is this right?
  4. run prime 95 you should immediatly see it max out and hold steady.
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