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Just want your opinions on wether or not it is worth upgrading my computer.
At the moment my pc specs are:

Antec 902 case
I7 920 CPU
Asus p6x58d-3 MoBo
Nvidia geforce 460
6 gig dominator Ram (1600 hz)
2 x WD caviar black 500gb HD
Noctua Dh-14 Cpu cooler.

I am thinking of upgrading to:
Cooler master Cosmos 2 case
i7- 9820 CPU
Intel rampage IV Extreme Mobo
2 x Nvidia geforce 680 gfx
16 Gig 2400hz Ram
2 x 128 gig SSD
(Probably put my two WD in too)
(Keep same CPU cooler)

Is it worth doing, will i notice the difference between them?
Best regards Samuel.
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  1. Sorry the new CPU will be I7-3820**
  2. Definitely worth doing, but that's gonna cost you a fortune!

    The best socket 1366 cpu you can get for your system is an i7 - 980X

    You can easily max out any game without breaking a sweat with those upgrades
  3. I was thinking of first getting the case and the mobo and CPU, will i be able to use all my old parts to i buy the new ones with the new case/mobo/cpu?
  4. To make it a bit clearer:
    I will buy cooler master cosmos 2 case,
    I7 3820 CPU and
    Asus Rampage IV extreme
    Stick them together,
    Then take the 460 gfx / two WD HD / Memory/ CPU Cooler from old pc and stick them in
    will it all work okay?
    Then as weeks go by i can slowly buy the other 'new parts to replace the old one
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