Display Driver Stopped Responding and has Recovered (atikmdag)

I am completely exhausted going through guides trying to fix this issue, none of which have been successful. Literally three pages of google result pages I have buried my head into for the last two days.

My Video Card and PSU are less that 4 months old.

Upgraded 1GBx2 sticks ram to 2GBx2 sticks, which totals 6GB of RAM.

The only time I get this error is when I open Star Wars: The Old Republic, or play other games for longer than about 5 minutes. Normal operations such as browsing the internet, skype, chats, Adobe programs run fine.

The steps I have taken are:

I have changed Timeout Detection and Recovery

Completely deleted and re-installed (New) AMD Drivers.

Completely deleted and re-installed (Old) AMD Drivers.

Memtest86 (no errors)

Checked Temperature 41°C

Checked Voltages and Amps, both were fine.

Did a CCleaner

Ran Free Windows Registry fixed

DriverSweeper (in the appropriate times during steps)

BIOS is up to date

Ran Windows Updater

Re-Installed Windows Vista

Upgraded DirectX

Different Power Outlets

Changed Windows Aero to Classic

And basically every fix on this site:

Computer Specs:

Lets make this the official forum post that fixes this issue.

I am desperate, and any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Hi :)

    It just happens sometimes on ATI drivers...they crash, then recover...thats it....some games cause it more than others....

    If all other games are ok...then its the game....apart from patching the game...nothing you can do...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Getting off Vista is a good start.
  3. I agree my games run better 7 ^
  4. Quote:
    Hi :)

    It just happens sometimes on ATI drivers...they crash, then recover...thats it....some games cause it more than others....

    If all other games are ok...then its the game....apart from patching the game...nothing you can do...

    All the best Brett :)

    Should I keep trying different drivers and hope for the best?

    I have actually uninstalled the game completely and re installed it, as well as a Repair.

    It does happen with other games, SWTOR just happens to crash faster than others.

    Getting off Vista is a good start.

    I have a Windows 7 Reinstallation DVD Home Premium 64-Bit disc, that came with my laptop.

    Would this work as an upgrade?
  5. After installing Windows 7 and re installing SWTOR, the problem persists.
  6. I sympathize with you on your problem, I had the same thing happen to me and it turned out after a lot of head scratching that it was a incompatibility between the motherboard and the graphics card (AGP interface).
    Its true what Bret said that on some computers that it sometimes happens and no one knows why. You have reached the stage after the installation of Windows 7 to start replacing components, the first two to replace are the power supply and the graphics card itself, I know they are only 4 months old but what else is left.
  7. How do I figure out what card is compatible? And it it's not, then why has it worked for so long and just now deciding to give out? So frustrating...

    The card is under warranty and my motherboard is listed in my dxdiag.

    Any tips?
  8. Quote:
    How do I figure out what card is compatible?

    You shouldn't have that problem on PCI-E
  9. Well, if you have NOT received a BSOD yet [specifically, 0x116, VIDEO_TDR_TIMEOUT], then you probably don't have a damaged GPU...

    Likewise, if its just one game, its more likely an issue with that game rather then the ATI drivers. If its multiple games though, either you have an unstable driver version, or the GPU itself is faulty in some way...

    As of windows Vista, if the GPU display driver crashes for any reason, the OS attempts to restart it again. If it fails, a BSOD message is thrown, if not, you get a message that the display driver has crashed but recovered.
  10. I have not received a BSOD error.

    I have only installed two games since i installed Windows 7, both of which fail.

    If this GPU is faulty as well that's two that have broke in this system. Am I doing something wrong? Dell actually recommended this GPU to me..

    Should I start over with a new system? I can't handle having to replace parts ever three months...
  11. Youve never stated what your vid card is, what your power supply is. And also, 6 gb of RAM isnt normal for an AMD system. Take out the RAM you put in to bing it to 6gb. If you added 4, take out the other 2 and just keep the 4 gbs of the same RAM.
  12. Did you put only the new RAM in?
  13. Wanted to change back to my original name so no one gets confused:

    I replaced the new RAM with the original, problem is still there.

    Is there something I need to do to install it correctly?

    I linked my DxDiag here:

    GPU - ATI Radeon HD 5770

    PSU - Antec 25 VP450

    I upgraded two of the four total slots from 1GB to 2GB of ram, totaling 6GB RAM.

    Today I have replaced the two upgraded sticks (2GB) back to the original 1GB sticks, giving me a total of 4GB (original) RAM.

    So Upgraded it would look like this:
    Slot 1: 2GB stick
    Slot 2: 2GB stick
    Slot 3: 1GB stick
    Slot 4: 1GB stick

    Original (which is what it is currently):
    Slot 1: 1GB stick
    Slot 2: 1GB stick
    Slot 3: 1GB stick
    Slot 4: 1GB stick

    Just want to make sure I'm not confusing anyone.
  14. Put only the 2 2gb sticks in. SLot 1 and slot 3 generally. For a total of 4 gbs only take the 2 1gb sticks out and try it again.
  15. Did it. Same problem.
  16. Hi, I have the same problem as you with a ATi Radeon HD 5500. Only the only game I want to play is Sims 3.
    I have tried everything anyone has put online also, with still no fix. :(
    The only thing that did help a little was downloading an actual driver updater, because the drivers were not updating properly.
    I was getting the BSoD screen a lot, but it's been reduced since the drivers were fixed.
    I am putting it down the the GPU is crap!
    I'm pretty pissed that I spent money on it and although it is only a few months old, i'm going to have to buy another one!
  17. Again, probably isn't a RAM related problem, as you'd expect random BSOD messages [and theres a LOT of them that can be thrown]. Likewise, if the GPU was faulty in some way, I'd expect to eventually see a BSOD. Might just be an unstable driver version, or some setting forced through CCC.

    Out of curiosity, what are the two games you have installed? Might just be unstable games...[*coughSkyrimcough*]
  18. There are a lot of people on a certain 20pg long Microsoft thread saying they fixed it by replacing their old RAM or installing the factory RAM back in. I haven't had such luck.

    The two games are StarCraft2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    I honestly don't even know which piece of hardware/software I need to start with.
  19. Honestly, it sounds like your GPU is mucking up the works. Most times the simplest solution is the best one. Graphics issue, graphics card problem. You have already taken a ton of steps, I recommend if your card is still under warranty to get a hold of the manufacturer and request a new one. Just my two cents.

    *Edit* One further note, if you have any sort of windows based power saving mode on, your GPU may be underpowered for what it is trying to run. And causing issues. Just a thought.
  20. Just went and picked up a GeForce GTX 550 Ti while I wait for my ATI, wish me luck.

    Thanks to all those who read and gave their opinion.

    Hope those who have the issue solve it.

    I'll relay the message when I get the card back.
  21. I am having the same problem with Starcraft 2 as well, and Tribes Ascend. My Radeon card is a brand new 7770. League of Legends runs perfectly with no crashes yet.

    I too have tried updating drivers, getting all windows (7) updates, etc.

    I have not installed any new RAM or anything else.

    I fear it may be a PSU issue, and as one person here has mentioned, to play around with the power supply saving settings. I have currently set "turn off display" after 10 minutes. And upon return, sometimes I cannot even resume, and must hard-reset my computer.

    I read in a different thread on this site, someone with the exact same problem as us, and it was recommended that the solution is set all power saving settings to "NEVER"

    "turn off display = never" and "put computer into sleep mode = never".

    I am going to try this tonight and I really hope it solves the problem. Game crashes in Starcraft 2 cost me valuable rank lol :(.

    If this works, I will return here and let others know that this is the solution!
  22. The only thing I was able to get to work was to send my card into ATI and have it replaced.

    I received the card back and haven't had it occur yet.

    Does anyone know if this problem would be caused by adding 4gb of memory to my system? I reverted back to my default 4gb RAM to try and resolve my original issue.

    But now that I have everything working I'd like to add the extra 4gb, possibly more.

    Is there a way to figure out what my motherboard can handle?

    I just feel like my system runs too slow when I chrome/skype/and a game or two.
  23. Hello all, I have had MAJOR crashing issues with video cards in the past year or so. i have sent back 2 GTX 570s, and bought an AMD 7870. I have replaced my processor, RAM, Motherboard, Power supply and of course the video cards... I tried registry settings, different drivers, all sorts of things...

    I FINALLY tried 1 thing... I reformatted, and instead of installing the software (Nvidia control panel crap and AMD Catalyst Control Centre) file for the drivers, I just extracted the files and manually installed only the drivers in Device Manager. I have been crash free for 2 days, running 3 games simultaneously on 3 monitors (I have the 7870 and 570soc installed).
    I run Guild Wars 2, 2 Eve clients, music, teamspeak, etc... MSI afterburner shows that they are both scaling down correctly, and I have set my own fan profiles to keep them running cooler.

    Not saying this is gonna fix it for everyone, but I was going nuts trying to fix this stuff, and it finally works for me.
    Might also note that Guild Wars 2 wouldn't run for more than 5 minutes on my new Radeon, but today I ran it for several hours and at twice as many frames as before ;)

    AMD FX-8120 BE @3.95GHz
    Asus M5A97 Evo 250MHz FSB
    16GB Corsair Overclocking RAM 1600MHz set to 1333MHz, FSB brings to 1666 (as per Asus bios Profile)
    AMD Radeon 7870 GHz edition @1100MHz, mem@ 1250MHz 1 monitor (main) driver 12.7 beta
    GTX 570 soc (stock) 2 monitors driver 301.42
    CoolerMaster silent gold pro 1000W psu
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