Trouble with new graphics card.


I recently installed a new graphics card (nVidia GTX560 Ti) and have occasionally come across an error.
Sometimes when using my computer, the computer will freeze and the sound will loop.

This forces me to restart my computer. However, after restarting, I will usually find that my computer is unable to start up and I am left with a black screen. The only way I can get my computer to start again is to reseat my graphics card and even that, at times, will not work. Any ideas as to what may be causing this error?

PSU 520W
Mobo GA-P35-DS3L
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  1. You really need to be more specific. Freezes and the sound loops? Are you playing a game? It could be a number of things but you simply don't give enough info of what you have and what you're doing when you're having those problems.

    Be very more specific if you want the community to help out.
  2. Could be a bad power supply, could be a bad RAM stick, could be the video card. Try new drivers first though, it's probably not that but can't hurt to try, it's the easiest thing. After that you need to test the card in another computer to rule out the card.
  3. The thing is, there is nothing specific about the instances in which it occurs, which is why I hesitated to add that information. The two instances in which it occurred were: once while playing a game, and once while watching a youtube video.

    What I have? I've given the 3 relevant computer parts that are involved in this instance. If you suspect other parts are involved, then I would be happy to provide that information. Perhaps you should be more specific as to what I additional information I need to disclose.

    As for the power supply, wouldn't a bad power supply simply shut the computer down and not freeze it? And is there any way to check if a PSU is going bad?

    On successful boots, speccy correctly indicates the amount of RAM in my computer. How can I further test the RAM?

    I should have the newest graphic drivers.
  4. Down load, install, and run prime95.
    Prime95 will check the CPU and the Ram for errors. Inaddition it will place a load on your system so that you can check your PSU.
    Under load the +12 V spec is +11.4 V to +12.6 V (I normally recommend that the +12 V should not go below 11.6 V.
    Also monitor your CPU temps. primarily the indivdual cors as prime95 will let you know if your HSF is NOT working well.
    For Voltages eiither the MB supplied utility or HWMonitor or coretemps
    For Temps HWmonitor is good NORMALLY.

  5. Thank you for this, I will give this a try.
  6. Some things to try:

    If you haven't yet, you might try reseating the RAM, the graphics card, and any other expansion cards.

    Run emm386 overnight to check for RAM errors. If the RAM tests ok, and the lockups persist, consider that you may have a bad power supply.

    Also, if you have any overclocking on the system, temporarily go back to default clocks and see if the lockups persist. If they do not restore your overclock a bit at a time, run for a couple of days with each incremental change, and note at what point the error returns.
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