Alienware X51 with 22% discount (worth it now)

X51 with :
I3 2120 3.3 Ghz
6GB 1333 MHz
1 TB serial ATA
1GB GDDR5 GT 640
£450 Seems like good value to me, then again i know nothing compared to the guys here.
I have no clue as to the upgrade ability of the system.
How decently it would perform for my most played games, SWTOR, GW 2 Total War Series, FM 2013 and a few others.

Can have it with an
i5 3330 3.2 GHz / i5 3350 3.5 GHz
6 GB 1600 MHz / 8 GB 1600 MHz
£480 + £50 for 3350 + £30 for 8 GB

i5 3450 3.5 GHz
8GB 1600 MHz
1.5GB GDDR5 GTX 660

Advice on value, performance and a combination of both and finally other options for similar values?

Thanks C.
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  1. Even with the discount it's still a horrible deal. You could build the first X51 you listed, and only spend £235. Even adding the £60 for the OS, you'll still be saving money.

    Please, never even consider Alienware, no matter how big the discount.
  2. They are not good deals EVER. Always building your own will net you a better system. at all of those price points you can build almost a twice as good system as what is listed there.
  3. DO not buy it alienware x51 is garbage i bought one 7-8 months ago still use it and all the components should not run together its so strange how a geforce gtx 645 runs off of 240w.... like cmon dell smarten up.
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