120HZ or not?

My screen is currently showing a lot of coloured vertical lines at start-up, and I guess it won't be long until they don't disappear anymore.

I recently bought a PC with an i5-3570 and asus gtx 660 ti.

Question is, what kinda screen goes with this? Is it overkill to buy a 120hz?

Right now I'm looking at the

BenQ 24" LED RL2450HT which has a fair price, but the BenQ 24" LED XL2420T 120HZ isn't out of my price range. But is it worth it?

I'm also peeking at the Asus 24" LED VE248H (which is in the same price range as the BenQ 24" LED RL2450HT).

What should the minimum respons be at? Any tips on what to prioritize?

I only use the computer to game.

How many FPS do I have to run games in to benefit from 120hz?
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  1. Well depends on if you think it's worth it imho it's worth it i can tell you that much what i can't say if a 660 ti could hang with it Benefits of 120Hz:

    1. Details are more crisp, smoothly rendered, and lifelike.
    2. More Responsive
    3. Eliminates Tearing
    4. Eliminates the need for V-Sync EDIT- I would get this one http://www.amazon.com/BenQ-XL2420T-Professional-Gaming-Monitor/dp/B006HIKIG0%3FSubscriptionId%3D19BAZMZQFZJ6G2QYGCG2%26tag%3Dsquid1140819-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953%26creativeASIN%3DB006HIKIG0
  2. Yeah. I saw that even with low fps it still makes the whole experience smoother, and not just in games.

    I saw a guy selling it used, so offering half price for it now.

    Hope I get it. Been playing a lot of BF3 lately.

    Was concidering enabling lucid's virtu MVP. But won't need that now I guess
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