Playing Game, Then lost video output. Help!!

Im a little stumped with this one, any help would be much appreciated. Here are my computer specs first:

Asrock 4core 1333-FullHD motherboard (I know its crap)
Intel Q6600
4GB ddr2 ram
XFX ATI 5850
1 x 500gb hardrive
1 x 1tb harddrive
ocz fatal1ty 550w power supply
Windows 7

Computer is over 4 years old.

I was playing Splinter cell conviction last night, I was using my tv to display the game and was using a xbox 360 wireless controller to play the game using a microsoft wireless adapter.

I was playing the game for little over an hour when suddenly the screen went blank and at the exact same time my controller lost connection to the pc, so whatever happened affected the usb ports as well as video output.

The computer did not go off, all fans / lights etc kept on but i just couldn't get the display to come on.

This is what I have tried to fix it:

Power computer off / on
re-seat graphics card
remove graphics card and try to use onboard video
disconnect all drives and remove all ram except for one stick
clear cmos serveral times

nothing seems to work, my keyboard lights dont flash when the computer turns on, i have even tried a non usb keyboard and still no joy. Also i have noticed that holding the power button for 8 seconds no longer turns the computer off, also pressing the reset button no longer re-starts the computer.

Have a fried my motherboard? I have looked at all the capacitors and they all look good, I also did not smell any kind of burning or anything when I removed the cover.
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  1. Do you have a power supply that you could swap in for troubleshooting? This sounds like a typical heat and/or power issue. Given that your PSU is 4 years old, that is where I would start looking.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply.

    I should have been more specific about the parts in the computer. The computer itself is 4 years old but i have replaced the cpu heatsink, power supply and graphics card.

    The power supply is 2 years old at most.

    I dont actually have another psu to try, do you think that might be the issue?

    after resetting the cmos now when i turn the power switch on the PSU the computer turns on automatically, still no video output and the power and reset buttons on the front of the computer are still doing nothing.

    Any other suggestions ?
  3. Yes, I still suspect the PSU. Try this:

    - Power your system down.
    - Disconnect the power cord/cable from the PSU.
    - Press the power button to discharge any residual power in the system (sounds odd, but true).
    - Wait 5 minutes.
    -Reattach the power cord/cable to the PSU.

    Power on. This is how you reset a PSU. If the system starts, the PSU is failing and needs to be replaced.
  4. ok, tried that.

    As soon as i put the power cable back in the computer comes on itself without even pressing the power button, all lights and fans come on then.

    still no video output.
  5. You likely have a defective PSU at this point. The problem is that we don't know what it took with it when it died. The fact that your power and reset buttons no longer work (as they did before) could indicate a defective motherboard as well.

    Try swapping the PSU first, before declaring anything else deceased.
  6. Hi COLGeek,

    Just wanted to reply and say thanks. You were right it was the PSU, I was able to find an old PSU lying in my attic, connected it up and the computer came on with no problems well except windows was corrupt but that was an easy fix.

    I am now trying to RMA the PSU as its covered by a three year warrenty so ill see how that goes.

    Thanks Again for your help!!
  7. You are welcome! Good luck!
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