New 3570k and Gigabyte Z77x Ud3H bad performance

Just bought a new 3570k and motherboard to replace my amd 955 but I'm having some problems. First off I'm using windows 7 and yes I reformatted. Performance wise it seems slow and sluggish and is certainly worse then my 955. I'll click internet explorer and it takes 5-10 seconds to open or atleast till I can type anything. Also everything seems fuzzy, desktop icons just don't look right and games are not as crisp as they should be.

I've installed all motherboard drivers, windows updates and of course my video card drivers. I've tried uninstall/reinstall my card drivers already to no avail.

Really not sure where to look or what to do. I've done several builds(all amd tho) and have always been able to resolve issues once I get everything updated. Maybe I'm missing something but I need help to get this rig up and running smoothly.
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  1. What hardware makes up the rest of your build?
  2. Rest of my build includes a gigabyte 7950, corsair hx 850 psu, 8gb muskin blackline and a western digital 640gb hardrive.
  3. I have the same MB and CPU and it was difficult installing the drivers. Did you use the disc that came with the MB? I downloaded and installed the newest drivers from Gigabyte but still had unknown devices in Device manager so I used the disc they provided. My 3D mark score is lower than similar hardware but I haven't figured it out.
  4. Yeah I used the disc that came with the mb. I'd thought about trying newer drivers myself but I don't feel that would change anything.
  5. Alright I had some more windows updates pop up last night and those seemed to smooth everything out. Not sure what the deal was but everything seemed to smooth out after the latest updates I installed. Still need to do a bit of testing to make sure everything is good.

    Could anyone recommend a good utility to monitor all 4 cores, change fan speeds etc? Even if it's 2 different programs that's fine.
  6. Windows updates often updates drivers, too.
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