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I want to install a 56k data/fax/voice modem to replace my data/fax modem. My inital question was while I'm looking at all these descriptions what will it say if it just needs a phone line hook up? I was looking for a PCI but now that I've read all these posts - would USB or serial be better? I have Windows 98SE in a HP with 433 mhz Intel Celeron. Take it easy fellas - I'm new to this game.
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  1. An external modem would be better, but a PCI one would suffice. I recommend getting a "hardware modem" and not a "winmodem" or "software modem." Hardware modems tend to perform better, as they take a lot of the stress on their own circuits.
    If you see "modem" without anything like "DSL" or "cable" tagged to it, it's most likely a regular phone line modem.

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  2. External meaning USB or serial?
  3. Do they make USB analog modems (analog means traditional or "POTS" - Plain Old Telephone Service)?

    Regardless, hardware is definitely better as it doesn't steal CPU for itself. A 433 would PROBABLY be able to handle it, but why chance a slowdown? External Serial would be fine, although generally more expensive than internal.

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  4. Can you get an internal modem that's not a winmodem these days? I would buy an external (serial interface. I have no clue if they make a USB POTS modem. If they do I haven't seen one.) The most common external modem/fax/blah, blah... (again POTS) I've seen is a US Robotics, but it's considerably more expensive than an internal (PCI/ISA) modem.

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  5. Well, <A HREF="" target="_new">Here's one </A> but you need an ISA slot.

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  6. Hardware PCI modems are still available (at least here in the UK anyway).

    From my experience, they consistantly provide more reliable connections and faster speeds than "software" or "win-modems", irrespective of machine specs.

    This is hardly surprising, software modems are designed to provide modem functions at the lowest possible cost.

    External modems are commonly cited to be the best, in my opinion they are no better than good internal hardware devices.

    If you do go for external, buy a serial port device. May as well use those serial ports for something :smile:
  7. Ah, I see. Thank you jlanka. Now, let's hope I never have to go back. I think I'd get DT's from lack of bandwidth. :smile:

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  8. External modem are better because they have lights show you what the modem is doing.
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