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I'm not sure where this would belong on the forums so feel free to move this post.

So for the last week i have had issues with my microphone just not working in W7... It was working fine and i haven't done any updates or anything in the last week so im at a loss.

It's the realetk HD audio. My sound comes out fine from the front and rear jacks. Unfortunately the mic jacks do not seem to work at all. I did notice though that when i would plug them in and run the sound test that with the initial input it would show that sound is going through them but when completely in it doesn't show that i'm talking.

I have tried this headset on another computer and it works fine. I've also tried another headset on my computer and still same issue.
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  1. could be a bad plug
    you could test it w/ a multi meter

    does the connection seem loose?
  2. no the connection is fine seats just right (i assume) don't have a multi meter to test it, but why would both ports all of a sudden not work but the speaker ports work just fine???? :sweat:
  3. i can't be the only one in the world with this issue.... Am I???

    I rolled back drivers. Nothing
    Updated drivers. Nothing
    Resotred to a point I knew it worked. Nothing

    what else can I do???
  4. have u checked the mic plug on the motherboard?
    take it out and plug it back in.
  5. Alright, pulled out the plug and reseated it...

    plugged in the headset and the realtek detected that it had been connected, plugged in the microphone and it said it had been detected. went to test out the mic in the sound recorder and nothing other than static was on the file after speaking into the mic.

    it shows under the sound and audio under control panel that the mic is attached, unmuted and sat as the default recording device.

    I also noticed that the most recent update for the realtek HD audio was the 22nd of this month about the same time it quit working.

    Faulty drivers?
  6. could be
    try rolling back the drivers, installing older ones
  7. /facepalm

    still same issue, the thing i don't get is why the mic sound spikes up when i plug the mic in but then it can't pick up my voice. it picks it up on anything that has a voice test included in it but doesn't register when i talk.
  8. I went out and bought a usb headset and the headset works great with the usb jack... 3.5mm i think went out or something to do with the drivers. I was wondering if anyone knows the best place to get a 3.5mm -> USB adapter.
  9. In terms of audio drivers, I've had problems with Windows 7. I don't know if it has to do with the Kernel mode driver, but I know with Total Recorder I had to revert back to WinXP to use the user-mode drivers in order to make everything work correctly. Gotta love win7 and hate it!?
  10. Probably a dodgy mic socket on the motherboard/front panel. It may simply be a bit of dirt lodged in one of them. Or the input of the Realtek chip could be blown from static electricity.

    To confirm it's not the OS, if you had a spare hard disk drive you could install XP on that and test.
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