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Hello all, thank you for taking the time to help me asses my Windows 7 issue.

Main problem: Windows 7 after long use of 4-8 hours will stall on Shut down, It'll hang at the "Shutting Down" screen and thus forcing me to hold the power button on my PC to finally turn it off so I can leave and go along my day.

Weird part: On short use maybe 1-2 hours. When I go to shut down, it's off in 30 seconds.

When I go to check event viewer the only "errors" or "critical's" it records are of the boot performance rather than the Shut down performance.

I'm not sure if it was a setting I changed or something. However I will attempt to reproduce the issue again and see if I can get an solid error or critical issue during shut down.

Anyone that has experience in this field, anything along these lines. I would highly appreciate your input.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (Updated to the very tee, I learned from previous mistakes that updating Windows 7 100% before installing anything else is the way to go or else you'll find issues that lead to SP1 won't install or anything of that caliber.)
MSI 970A-G45 (BIO's Updated to the latest)
16G DDR3 1600mhz Vengeance LP
Athlon II X3 460 3.4Ghz
XFX 6870 1G Single Fan (Latest Video card drivers, correct me if I'm wrong but I installed my Mobo drivers that included video drivers before this one (latest of course downloaded directly from the website). Then overlapped these drivers onto my OS (Also latest from web)
Apevia 680 Watt ATX12V PSU

Anything else upon request I will provide.
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  1. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, BACK UP YOUR DATA. (preferably to an external or at least a different physical internal drive)

    I'd run a checkdsk scan and an anti-virus and malware scans (windows checkdsk is obviously built in, avg anti-virus and malwarebytes anti-malware are free; just make sure you configure them to scan thoroughly).

    Also, you may want to see if there are any know issues with your bios version; maybe something in the power states. If so, or even if none are know, you may want to try rolling back to an earlier version. I'd try this as a last resort, but it's worth a shot.

    If none of this works you could always roll your system back (f8 at startup, choose repair my computer). That is, you can roll back system files to "pre-update(s)" state or IF you have a previous image or backup stored somewhere, you can restore your PC's software to that exact state by choosing "restore image".

    Good luck
  2. BTW, the last paragraph of advice there only applies if this is a new issue. Has this problem been around since day one of this PC's life???

    If this is a problem that has been consistent throughout the life of the machine; it's possible that it's due to anomaly in your software; OS installation, configuration setting, etc., but it's also likely that it's a hardware issue; possible incompatibility of one or more components or a firmware problem.

    Check your device manager, are there any issues??
  3. I've re installed once due to the SP 1 won't install issue, however even in that previous fail install this issue was present. I thought this issue was connected to the SP 1 won't install issue.

    I'll try to see what I can do and run a disk scan. Also I do have a 1T external and all my data is safely stored on there so nothing to worry.
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