Radeon 7970 or GTX 670 oc

Hello everyone, past few days im reading how gtx 660 ti and hd 7950 are same(660 has that 192 bit memory tho performs better without using MSAA, tho when using MSAA, AMD one is better since her memory bandwith is way higher,384bit afaik), how gtx 670 and 7970 are same.So since i lack 170 $ to buy gtx 680 im going for either gtx 670 oc by MSI or hd 7970 by Sapphire. Now problem is only price and since price is same i dont know which one to buy (same thing with gtx 660 ti and hd 7950,same price). Now i need real advice from people that have either of those cards to help me decide which one to grab while they are hot.

Current build:

8gb ram
3570k intel cpu
650 watt Seasonic psu
hdd 1tb 7200rpm
ssd 120gb
19'' SM 931bw
dvd rom
gtx 560 ti Palit *** from card that is noisy, overheats and cannot even run WoW on ultra settings without coughing and cooler sound like 737 in room.
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  1. What games are you wanting to play, at what resolution?
  2. I don't mean to be a dick, but there are soo many threads about this already. Go to the search bar and research it yourself.
  3. Ur not dick but everyone has the same fkin answer, and i dont get ''whatever'' for an answer.
    Im playing WoW (1440x900 since monitor is 19''),sometimes Diablo 3.Also playing games like BF,Crysis,Cod,TES,Fallout and other ''hot'' games when they are out. Im mainly looking for longterm solution that will get overclocked and will last for some years (aprox 3 years from now).
  4. For that resolution, the diff between 670 and 7970 wont matter. You can go for The 670 if you want.
  5. Well, the problem is that "whatever" is the right answer. You don't have to like it, but that's basically the answer.

    Especially for such a low monitor resolution. You're not going to notice a difference between either card.

    Just gotta pick one. IMO spending $400 on a graphics card to play at that resolution is crazy, though, and I'd recommend an HD 7870 instead.
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