Feedback on my gaming computer

I posted a list of a build on here a couple of days ago and I tweaked a few things and I made sure that all of the parts fit. just want some feed back if you think I should change anything. thanks :)
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  1. you are VERY unbalanced. The 650ti isnt really a very powerful card. You are overspending on the PSU, Case, MOBO, CPU.

    for half this budget you could build a more powerful gaming PC.

    You should drop to an i5 3570k, cheaper mobo, MUCH cheaper case, PSU from a reliable company such as Antec or Corsair.

    use this extra money to get a 7950

    your build right now will only get you medium/ high settings in games. If you do what i suggested you could max most games.
  2. Oh and another huge money saver, unless you have blu-ray discs you would like to play on your pc, drop the blu-ray drive and get a
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