Quick advice on a build combo! Thanks :)

Going to build a new gaming rig soon to play planet-side 2. And I live in Ireland.

What are the communities thoughts on this combo and if I'll need more than the 500w PSU I have available.

Intel Core i5 3570 3.4GHz
Corsair Vengeance - 8 GB -1600 MHz
ASRock Z77 Extreme4 - Socket 1155 - ATX Intel Z7.
(Add a SSD later, alongside basic HD and 1x dvd r/w)

Can get this freely delivered for €385.

I will get a GTX 660 or similar/slightly better from a different site.

Have a case + fans.

Don't intend on overclocking. But in the future I could wish to upgrade CPU to an i7, get a twin GPU and SLI (it'll be much cheaper) and slap the RAM up if future games need it. Which would obviously need a +w PSU.

Thank you!! :bounce:
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  1. I would get the 3570k. You will be able to overclock it to around 4.5ghz with a decent cooler.

    However if you dont want to overclock, you dont need a Z77 board. You will do fine with a H77 board that is SLI/Xfire compatable and it will save you some cash.
  2. Looking at just the
    1x GTX 660 TI
    1x SSD 120gb
    1x dvd r/w
    1x normal HDD 1tb
    2x Case fans.

    Could you perhaps recommend 2 PSU's one that would cover the above needs and a second that would cover any future SLI and/or getting the 3570k and Z77 + cooler and OCing.

    Thank you
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