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Ati hd6450 need psu connectors


I decided to buy ati hd 6450 1gb ddr3 graphic card, Currently i have 450w psu and it has no 6 pin connectors . is hd 6450 need 6 pin connectors of psu?

here the link of card which iam going to buy-

my specs are:

intel pentium dual core e5700@3.00ghz
intel g41 mobo with pci e 1.1
4gb ddr3 ram
500 gb harddisk
450 w psu
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    The image didn't have a 6 pin, so you are ok.
  2. What do you want the card for? A 6450 is not at all meant for gaming. There are better options for that
  3. i am a casual gamer but i have no other option because of my buget. it is best low profile card under $50
  5. please reply is psu connectors needed for hd6450 or hd6570
  6. No.

    You could always use google. :non:
  7. thanks for the information
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