MSI 970A-G46 Will not post

I recently put together a new machine and I can't get my system to post for the first time.

Mobo: MSI 970A-g46
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 560ti
PSU: Corsair TX750
RAM: DDR3 @ 1333 (I think it's 9 9 9 24). I have tried to start with just one stick.

All the fans turn on but i get no display and no bios beep.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. I found the problem.

    Some of the pins are bent/broken on the CPU. I know just by looking at it that it's bad enough that I have to get a new cpu.

    You can close this topic.
  2. I had the same issue, the CMOS Jumper was missing. Plugged it back on 1-2, good as new.
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