Can my new build run BF3?

I got myself new PC witch is in my signature but i will list parts again:
CPU: G550 2.6GHz
MB: H61M-P20
GPU: HD6670 1GB DDR3
RAM: 4GB 1333GHz
Resolution is 1024x768.
Am i able to play it and on what details? Because i'm about to get BF3 if i could run it.
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  1. At low yes... Maybe a bit of AA also. Not sure about that CPU handling multiplayer well though.
  2. How just on low :S? I played COD5 at ultra on 90FPS. I dont need that much of AA. here is the video that guy played bf3 on medium just look
  3. I believe that his CPU may be a bit better than yours... Unsure though. I may be underestimating the performance of your build.

    But remember, the campaign is more GPU limited while online puts a lot more stress on your CPU. I still stand by being able to play BF3 on low. Maybe medium.
  4. You could probably play on mid to high settings. I've seen people max out BF3 on the Radeon HD 6670 with decent FPS, but they have a better CPU and they slightly OC the GPU.

    You will easily be able to play it.
  5. EDIT:

    Just noticed your screen resolution!

    You can run BF3 fine then :P
  6. Should run pretty decently, but MP will be a different story.
  7. You'll be fine:

    Just turn off MSAA and BF3 isn't really that hard to handle.
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