Nokia 9500 bookmark problem "no address type"

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A friend wrote to enquire as follows:

> having some slight troubles with web browser in
> Communicator 9500 (unexpected end of file system
> error, which seems to be "nested" in the bookmarks realm...)
> Professional support would help because I may need:

> 1) nokia generic pin code (for Nokia Communicator 9500
> if it varies from the generic one);

> 2) may be some string of digits * and #
> to eliminate the above error.

and later

> any luck hearing about nokia 9500
> browser's error ("this book mark has
> no address" type)?

This fellow is in a remote location. The bookmark deal sounds simple.
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    I have encountered this problem this morning (hence my reading of your message). I seem to have cleared the problem by performing a full backup (and nothing else). At this point, the bookmark addresses all started working again and I am now able to add new bookmarks and the 'Unexplained end of file' messages have ceased. I know it does not
    sound logical but it seems to work!

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