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Im not sure where to put this so this sounds closest. I access the site for postal employees to do our employee stuff like health plans, allotments, etc. Im suddenly getting this message for the last few days with both Firefox and IE Firefox can't find the server at I get on my phone and try to access the site while using my home wifi and i get same message. But, when i turn off wifi and use the cell signal i can access the site. This leads me to believe maybe there is a problem with my network here, the DNS server, something like that. Im not a big networking guy but does anyone have something of a clue as to where i could start looking? Is there some setting in my local network i could start with, something that suddenly makes that name unknown? When i use IE i get a better error message , it says something about the DNS server may be experiencing problems, that server is what translates names into ip addresses am i right? How do i check to see that that server is working, what settings it has, etc. Im a networking beginner, (maybe slightly beyond beginner but this is pretty unknown to me). Thanks any ideas.
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  1. 1. What happens if you ping Do you get the IP address? Are replies successful?
    2. Is tracert successful?
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