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Will PCI 32x adapter work on 1.0 x 16 pci slot?

will this

adapter work on

this motherboard ^ (1.0 x 16 pci slot, 2.8 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM)

for this card:

Because it for dang sure won't fit in my case.

Plan A. If you know 100% without a doubt that the answer is yes, just post a quick reply "yes".
I don't need the details. I know performance won't be slashed, all I want to know is that if I buy this adapter I will have the ability to install my card. That's all.
Plan B. If for some strange reason performance will actually be slashed by a lot, tell me to buy a 16x adapter if that will fix my problem.
Plan C. If that still won't fix my problem of maintaining performance and flexibility, recommend something else.

let's hope plan A prevails here

This is a very simple question that very few people ask.
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  1. A PCI adapter won't do anything for your situation. You have a PCIe card and the two interfaces are completely incompatible. Even if it could work, performance would be dismal because PCI has way too low bandwidth. That's not a PCI 1.0 x16 slot, its a PCIe 1.0 x16 slot.
  2. So I need a new motherboard? hahaha

    This is the card I took out after using for years:

    It's a pci express. So if my new card is 2.0 x 16 PCIe and my old card is, I believe, 1.0 x 16 PCIe

    My system is incompatible?
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    NathanielH said:
    So I need a new motherboard? hahaha

    This is the card I took out after using for years:

    It's a pci express.

    Your motherboard has PCIe. That adapter is not PCIe, the adapter is PCI. The motherboard, although old, should work fine, but that adapter won't work. If the GTX 570 is too large, you should consider a smaller, newer card.
  4. NathanielH said:

    Yes, that should work.
  5. Will there be any performance cuts? Man, you saved my butt. Thanks a million.
  6. There will be a minor performance cut because of the motherboard using an older, slightly insufficient version of PCIe, but the adapter shouldn't cause any further performance cuts. A better question is why you want to use a GTX 570 instead of a newer and far more power efficient card. Did you get some sort of deal on it or got it from a friend or something like that?
  7. no it's mostly just because I only had 280 bucks to spend and anything more efficient is at least 60-260 bucks over my limit of 280. It has 2.5 GB of VRAM.
  8. Sorry for taking so long.

    The GTX 660 is around $200-220 and it is both faster than the 570 (not greatly ,but considerably) while using around half the power. The Radeon 7850 performs similarly to the GTX 570 while being cheaper than even the GTX 660 and using again, about half the power of the 570. The Radeon 7870 performs similarly to the GTX 660 while also being similarly priced and again, using around half the power of the 570. There are new cards ranging from just under $100 and up to over $1000, don't worry, your budget falls well within that range.

    For $280, I'd recommend looking at a discounted Radeon 7950 or going cheaper down to a Radeon 7870 or GTX 660.
  9. I also vote for the 7950/7870. The 660 is quite a bit less powerful though, and I wouldn't recommend the 660Ti much, as the 7870 is a lot cheaper and only slightly less powerful, while the 7950 is almost the same price but more powerful.
  10. Nothing I can do now guys. I bought the card already and can't return it. Thanks for letting me know how idiotic I am to be such an unwealthy person and yet spent all my money on an inefficient card. Go me.
  11. Actually, I'll probably just try to get the card I have now to work and if it doesn't, I'll try to sell it for 10 bucks below what I bought it for (considering I haven't even touched it yet, this will save somebody some money at my expense)

    and then I probably won't buy anything after that. This was a whole lot of stress and wasted money as far as I'm concerned. I didn't know this card was oversized and you know, it being 550 watts, I doubt my motherboard will even run it. I mean, have you looked at my motherboard's wattage in the link I gave? I probably can't run this thing. I should've never bought it being as poor as I am.
  12. Motherboard wattage is the amount of power it can supply to your CPU, not GPU. The 550W is the PSU power they recommend. I dare you to find me a 550W mobo.
    Besides; if you can afford a $200+ GPU you aren't particularly poor.

    You other option is to try to make your case fit the GPU.
  13. Nah, as I said, getting a riser. I'll just plug into the riser and have it sit on a platform outside of the case. If the advice given prior was correct, yeah, that'll work.

    I don't know much about computers, I just decided last week to open mine up and start moving everything around. They're very simple things but some of the details behind it are shadowy, having taken no classes or whatever. Look, I'm just being verbose at this point. Thanks for the help guys, I'm only looking to play Oblivion on heavily modded high settings and Skyrim on maxed settings, that's all. I'll probably buy skyrim in about 3 months after I finish a heavily modded Morrowind and Oblivion. It's not like I'm going out and buying every new high resolution game there is. I read somewhere that this card can easily handle a maxed-out skyrim. End of story for me. I'll update the graphics card maybe 2 years after the next elder scrolls is released.
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  15. Did you get the adapter and get it working?
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