Graphic card upgrade to GT 630

I am planning to upgrade my graphic card from nVidia 7900 to nVidia GT 630, exact model is N630GT-MD1GD3 ( My resolution is 1920 x 1080.

Does anybody have any experience with this graphic card? Is it worth the upgrade or will there be no significant increase in performance? Can anybody suggest a better one for the same price?

I plan to use it for playing games like Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Batman Archam City, Call of duty MW2, ...
Will it be able to run these games at that high a resolution?
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  1. Yes it will be better, but not by much. You are going from top of the line old graphics card to bottom of the line new graphcis card. If you have a GTX 7900, you would barely see any improvement.

    I'd recommend a 640 at the minimum for a worthwhile upgrade and that can run the games at high at 1080p whereas 630 might be pushing it a little bit.
  2. If you can stretch your budget another 30-40 bucks you will be a lot happier at that resolution. Gt 630 pretty weak for games you looking at, I had Gt 440 witch is close to that card and was very unhappy with it in the end I spent the money and got decent card and was much happier.
  3. Well 630Gt will not be an improvement at all or barely an improvement.
    I would actually recommend a Radeon card at this price range as Nvidia fails to deliver price/performance at this price range.
    Hd 6670 is quite a good choice at the same price(in newegg) as 630, but delivers more performance.
    And here is even Hd 7750 @ 90$ Link -
    That card is superior to Gt630 and Hd6670.

    Take a look at the graphics hierarchy chart -,3107-7.html
    Gt630 is not listed there, but I guess it could be somewhere about 8800Gs level.

    So if you can afford Hd7750 go for that if not 6670 is your best choice.
  4. Thanks a lot guys, I will consider taking a better card then.
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