Computer Starts, Mobo screen, then goes black

Hey all, I was referred to Tom's Hardware by a friend who didn't know how to correctly diagnose my issue. I recently built this PC about 8 months ago and it's working great, besides one small issue. Sometimes (not all the time) i'll power the PC on and it'll act like its going to start, then right before it should show Windows 7 loading, the screen will just go black with no diagnostic beeps. I have to hard reset the system and most of the time it boots up correctly when I do the reset.

Does anyone have any ideas why this may be happening?

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  1. Can you set a device (or drive) detection delay in the BIOS? Sometimes that can help if the computer tries to boot before the drive has had a chance to spin up.
  2. Hey Twelve25, thanks for the reply. I had thought of that, but I'm running a SSD. Should I still set a delay?
  3. It is worth a shot. Normally I have only had to do it with mechanical drives, but I suppose negotiation could take longer on some SSD, too.

    If you have a "quick boot" type feature in the motherboard I would try disabling that one, too.

    My in laws computer I had to turn on the extended memory testing to get it to boot everytime. That's where it slowly counts all the RAM like it did on an old 486. Just those extra 10 seconds made it boot everytime, but the regular test resulted in an experience like yours.

    The fact this it boots after hitting reset, seems to indicate it just needs an extra few seconds to warm up something in the system. That is my working theory anyway.
  4. May not be an issue, but do you also have an HDD? It is recommended to install your OS without the HDD plugged in so that no files are split to the other drive. How do your temps look when you are running, and does the CPU fan start up when this problem happens? Also, is your copy of windows genuine?
  5. CPU spins up and it says, "Loading Operating System", then my Mobo screen, then blackness. My copy of windows is genuine. Temps look good, TJMax is 197 and my max temp use coretemp is only getting up to like 103 under gaming loads.
  6. Is that C or F? Cause C that is pretty high.
  7. Are you using NVidia and you OC'd it?
  8. Very rarely I have seen the problem where the computer looks like it will start but then fails abruptly but usually in this case reseting doesn't work either but it may be related to your problem, the fix for this is to unplug the PSU and then hold down the power button for 10 seconds, it is something to do with residual static build up.
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