Fellow WoW Players! Please critique my build!

Hi everyone,

I've been lookin into building a new system for the new expansion as mine has been strong for 5 years, but unfortunately it's just not holding up anymore. The only game I play is WoW, that will also be the only PC game I probably ever play. I'm stuck debating between AMD/Intel but for WoW I've been told this build will handle everything I do on Ultra. I raid 10 mans a few times a week and also pvp but that's about it.

Should I go with this, go Intel i5 3570k with z77 mobo or would that be overkill? I'd like to stay around $700 if possible. I don't really think I need to spend more than that to maximize WoW's gameplay - but I'm open to suggestions from you guys :)

How's the build look?


I'll be purchasing in a couple weeks, already have the peripherals just need the internal stuff.

Might go with windows 8 if I take the AMD route, otherwise probably 7.

Thanks so much!
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  1. You don't need windows 8 for gaming.
    Go AMD FX-8350 and Asus Sabertooth or Crosshair V AM3+, it beats the intel wannabe lower priced Z77 in price and performance.
    Stick with Windows 7.
    Don't take advice from WoW gamers, if you played long enough you know why.
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