What do you guys think about this new rig?

Just wanting to ask the community what they think of the new rig ill be building. Some parts WILL be gifts so those parts are non-negotiable. My budget itself is about $1200-$1500. Ill be ordering all my parts off Newegg, so yeah. Btw, this rig will mostly be used in heavy gaming, light - medium overclocking but also work and some time-to-time editing work. Thanks in advance.

ALSO, with the whole setup, im trying to go for a bluish-black theme and well this case doesn't really help with the glowing red fans at the front, so if you guys can suggest a better one that supports XL-ATX, not overpriced thanks, or if you can tell me how to disable the red lights or change aswell, thx?

Case: Cooler Master HAF-X
Mobo: MSI Big Bang-XPower II LGA2011 X79
CPU: Intel i7 9390k OC @ 4.2-4.5Ghz <--- LOL just realised i mean i7 3930k oc @ 4.2-4.5
GPU: MSI GTX 680 Lightning (GIFT)
PSU: Corsair Professional series AX 850W 80+ Modular
SSD: Intel 520 240GB
HDD: Western Digital Black Caviar 1TB
RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB (4X8GB) @ 1866Mhz (GIFT)
CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro series H100i Water Cooler
OS: Windows 7 Professional
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  1. What kind of editing work? I would recommend the i7 instead if you are doing editing. I'll look around for cases.
  2. Video editing, yea them x79 boards and chips are pricey, anyone know any good ivy bridge compatible boards that have pci-e 3.0?
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    These are the parts I would buy the board is pci-e 3.0 but in sli it will run at 8x/8x pretty much pci-e 2.0 speeds but the cards won't take a performance hit due to this. Tf you don't believe me look it up (I didn't believe till I looked it up myself). I didn't use the lightning card as from what I can tell it is just a normal GPU with aftermarket heatsink and OC, so I opted for the aftermarket heatsink one from MSI which isnt quite so overclocked and significantly cheaper all you need to do is OC it to save yourself quite a bit of money (Not sure if there the same heatsink, but same style and shouldn't matter much anyway).

    I also changed to a cheaper case since the cards didn't match (so you won't be reminded) but it's a CM 690 with blue fans, I would buy additional blue fans to keep up the blue/black theme. I also swapped this to the i5 3570k since it sounded like you mostly did gaming and hyper threading in the i7 won't affect that much, though if you have the spare funds go for the i7 version if you want to get a bump in performance if the video editing you do is CPU intensive and can support this.

    I also went with the PC Power & Cooling PSU, they are an excelent brand though they don't get too much love here on Toms. When I did my research on PSU's a few years ago they were highly regarded as among the best if not the best and haven't heard once anyone state otherwise (that and I am quite happy with mine), but there were several in that price range so you could easily swap to another brand if you choose.

    I also kept the specific SSD in the build as my knowledge of SSD's isn't the best, and you have a bit of extra cash in this build for additional blue fans which would be cheap, and if you really wanted that H100i instead of the air heatsink which is more than capable of doing the job. And in my opinion having seen the CM 690 in person the pictures don't do it justice, it's a nice looking case.

    This is the build with your gifted parts (more or less) put into the build.

    Actually have just taken a look at everything again I would probably ditch the 750w and put in the 850w Corsair in there just incase you heavily overclock everything and give you more wiggle room.
  4. WOW, a third of what ill was about to pay for, though i am wondering, will it perform similar to the one mentioned above?
  5. What the motherboard? Yeah it should perform the same for your purposes. And for the record I keep re-editing what I posted so there may be new info there. The small window for these quick replies don't do to well for these long posts.
  6. This is pretty good, and that price! I like this alot, thanks for that, though i will change the cpu to a i7 3770k but after reading reviews about the parts i think im set!

    Ill be getting these in about a day now.
    Thanks again!
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