Help me save some money on my mATX build please

Looking for some help with my build. I'm bouncing all over the place and need some help narrowing it down please.

I will use it for photo/video editing and general use. Planning on overclocking a little but nothing extreme.

No video card yet. i'm waiting and am looking for a 5 series nvidia. I have a few 1tb hdd already so i don't need anymore. i'm recycling my current case.

I picked the psu and ram kind of at random. not really sure what to get.

any help is great help!

planning on buying within the next few days....

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  1. I should add that I'm not tied to any of these components. i am back and forth between gigabyte, asus and asrock for the mobo. I have already purchased the cpu and ssd.

    the g1 mobo is very tempting because of the $15 mir currently available.
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