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Hello, please help us.. we already have an existing network tru a switch hub and other two pc access internet through a wireless router and this wireless router is connected to the switch hub together with the other pc our problem is we cant share files and folders to the other two pc using wireless..How can we share files to other two pc...Can somebody out there help us...
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  1. You need to tell us a bit more about the wired network. How are IP addresses assigned to the PCs? What's the default gateway? Do they have access to the Internet? If so, how?
  2. We have a dsl router and a switch hub is connected to it. All our wired PCs are connected to the switch hub to access the internet. We assigned different IP address to each pc with same default gateway. We have also a wireless router which is also connected to the switch hub along with the other wired pc. Our two wireless pc get internet connection tru the wireless router which is connected to the switch hub. We have no problem in connecting to the internet, sharing files and printer with all the wired pc. but our problem is that we cannot share files and printer with the other two wireless pc. Can you please help us..
  3. Do you have access to the DSL router's configuration settings? If so, then add a route to the other PCs network.

    Let's presume that your PCs have been assigned an IP address in the 10.10.1.x range and the PCs connected to the wireless router get a DHCP address like If the wireless server has IP address, then add a route to the network through with a 24 bit mask ( When the router sees address 192.168.1.x, it will forward it to the wireless router instead of the Internet. Do you also assign fixed IP addresses to the wireless clients?
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