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Here's what I'm thinking of getting. First time build. Mainly gaming, some video editing

GPU - 7970 GHz XFX Double D
HD1 - SSD 128GB
CPU Cooler - Noctua 6
HD2 - WD Black 1TB
Case - Azza Genesis 9000b
RAM - Patriot Memory Viper 3 Series 16GB
Motherboard - Asus MAXIMUS V GENE Z77
PSU - Cooler Master Silent Pro M - 850W
OEM Drive - Asus 24xDVD-RW
Compound Paste - Artic Silver 5
CPU - Intel i7 3770k
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  1. This motherboard has just as many features and is way cheaper
    I don't know why you would get an mATX board with a full tower case. You are spending more for no reason. Also even with crossfire, which I assume you are making a build with that capability, you only need a 750w psu.
    Just an idea, but look at these liquid coolers
    They are all in the price range of that air cooler.
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