GT 240 as dedicated Physx?

I've got a GT 240 as my current graphics card, and I'm thinking of upgrading to a 660Ti or a 670. I'd like to have the added bonus of Physx in games like Borderlands 2 and Batman AC without bogging down the main GPU. Would the GT 240 work fine for just running Physx calculations?

On a side note: Does anyone think that an i3 2120T would bottleneck a 670?
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  1. Can you use the 240 as a dedicated Physx card? Yes.....but with a 660Ti or 670 you would probably slow the system down actually.

    The i3 should be okay with the 670.
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    the 670 is powerful enough you don't need a physx card. With a GT 240 will probably hurt performance here look.
  3. This is hard to gauge with this old review, but to me it clearly indicates that the 240 is not a good enough compliment for a 660 Ti/670.

    There's also this as an added clue:

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  5. Alright, so it seems that using the GT 240 for Physx would bottleneck the *** out of the 670. Makes sense. I suppose my best bet would be running two 670s in SLI and having them work in tandem for Physx? Eh. Even so, not like I have that kind of money. :P
  6. Yeah you don't need a card as a dedicated Physx card i don't and do just fine if you feel the need for one a GTX 460/560 would be a good choice but why waste your money
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