Motherboard does not like my graphics card (at all!)

First off, this is my first interaction with this community. I have followed this site for years and have used it to solve many technical problems I have had: you guys are great. Unfortunately, I ran in to one this past weekend that I have been unable to find the solution to (not just here, but anywhere).

The issue seems to be a fairly common one: Put a graphics card in to an Integrated Graphics equipped OEM motherboard and voila, no video output (no bios screen, no windows, just blackness). This seems to be fairly common.

The system as I would like to run would be as follows (almost a stock Compaq CQ5110Y(F?'s the same motherboard either way):

Motherboard: Pegatron M2N68-LA (narra5)
Bios: Award 5.2 (I think...I will reboot, check, and then edit as necessary)
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 7550 (AM2+; 2.5Ghz)
3GB DDR2 (1x1GB and 1x2GB, not sure of speed
300 watt PSU (12V rails @ 19 Amps, label says 267W combined continuous for the 12V + 5V rails)
80GB WD Hard Drive (it's an HTPC streamer)
And the trouble...
Graphics: Sapphire HD5450 (Radeon HD 5450 silent)

The issue: No video, card not recognized (in the BIOS or Device Manager). Note that the integrated graphics work just fine (GeForce 6150SE on an nForce 430 chipset)

What I have tried: I set the bios to PCIe x16 for initial video (disabling is not an option); Reset BIOS (multiple times in different order: with and without card); Uninstalled and installed drivers (both IGP and Drop in GPU in multiple combinations); used device manager to manually disable the IGP; 500 watt PSU; Re-seating the card; blowing out the PCIe slot with air); all possible combinations of the two DDR2 ram DIMMS (only 2 slots on the board); (I feel like I am forgetting something that I tried. If I remember what, I will update)

What worked on the Pegatron board: an MSI R6770 MD1GD5 (Radeon HD 6770 on the 500 watt didn't work with the 300)

What worked on my other motherboard (ASRock 970DE3/U3S3; : the Sapphire HD5450

So, it doesn't seem to be the card and it doesn't seem to be the motherboard. Just that card (HD5450) with that Motherbaord (M2N68-LA). I am out of ideas. If I missed something (highly possible) or anyone has any ideas, that would be amazing!

Thanks in advance

UPDATE: The computers OS is Windows XP Home Premium 32 bit. The computer that it worked in is running Windows 7 64 bit.
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