Graphics card buzzing


I just installed a new mobo on my pc..
Installed all new drivers ect

But problem is now when I play games my graphics card buzzes ( it's not the fan I checked)

As soon as a game loads it makes the noise and stops as soon as game is minimized.

Now I only have a 450watt psu and new motherboard is most likely more power hungry
So could having not enough power cause graphics card to buzz?

I'm about to ditch my new mobo it's so annoying
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  1. It's probably coil whine. If it's like an annoying high pitched noise then it likely is.
  2. Yeah but I find it weird it wasn't making any noise in old mobo

    So no getting away from this?

    Will an upgraded card still make this noise
  3. Are you sure buzzing sound not coming from your psu..?

    one of my friend have buzzing card bad even in idle condition it keep make some buzzing noise..

    there's something wrong with some component in your graphics card..
    if your card still covered by warranty, RMA is the best option..
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