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I've got a weird problem that when my computer is on, it interferes with the TV signal in the house. The higher the CPU usage, the higher the interference. When my CPU is maxed out 100%, the TV receives 0% signal, the whole TV stays black. When it's idling, 0%-10%, the TV receives a picture, but it's very scrambled and un-watchable. I have tried numerous fans, and disabled every other fan in my computer. I've taken out the GPU etc and ran the computer with only the power wire in the back of my computer.

This issue only started as I moved the computer from an old case into a bigger, newer case where the interference then started. I have tried a new PSU which did not help, and I tried a continuity test on the board and case and it all seems well.

The aerial for the tv is in the loft, not directly above my computer but not too far from it. However, as there was no interference with the same computer in the smaller case.

Can anyone suggest what may be causing this issue?

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  1. move your pc to a different room and see if the tv signal improves. also are you using wired or wireless on the pc?
  2. I'm using a wired connection. I haven't tried this yet but it will probably make a difference but it's not a long term solution to move it to another room.
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