Which ones should i buy ?

i have many confusions which i'd like to clear -

1-) 3 way 660tis or 3 way 670 or any other . lemme elaborate -


like as u see a 3 way 660ti config is just running behind 6-7 fps from 3way 680 & 670 .
i'm thinking i should buy 3 660tis and have almost the same performance like 3way 680 & 670 .
i'd save 300$ on 670s and 600$ on 680s and have gr8 benchmarks.

2-) 3570k or 3770k -
i know that 3770k is better im going cpu heavy but i'm not so...should i go for 3570k.

3-)how much psu wattage for the builds u recommend ?

4-) the cpu cooler-- should i go liquid ? or is the 212 satisfactory ?

5-) sould i go for the sniper 3 or any other mobo cause-

sniper 3 has better pci x16 slots - 4 (x16, x16, x8, x8)

and others like ud5h has 3 (x16, x8, x4)
and im going 3 way .

6-) should i buy the haf x ?? is it the best ?
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  1. 1.All mobo supports 2 x16 slots .so buy 2 cards its enough. if u use 3 cards its work like this 1.x16 ,2.x8, 3.x8. so u get 2card speed in 3card.....So if 1card less ucan save money.so goto 680.
    2.3770K is better than 3570k.
    3.1000W or above .because u r use 2gpus.
    4.If u r overclocker buy water cooler otherwise its waste.
    5.Asus give 5years warenty on high cost mobo.and give high performance.and all other stufs u wanted like 2x16 pci3.0 usb 3.0 etc
    6.cabinet : select by which has high fans and gpu space . haf is ok.
    7.transcend axeram has lifetime warenty and give high speed low cost ,other manufacturer give 1y warenty. so buy directly at transcend.com
    8.ssd 250gb for os and softwares only as c drive. 3tb hdd for storage and backup.
    9.Best of luck . god bless you.
  2. 10. moniter aoc is low cost and give software for moniter and it has many funs in there.
  3. In my opinion, you should stick to 1 very fast GPU (unless you have a multi monitor setup). It's a better upgrade path, consistent and reliable performance, cooler to run, less power consumption and no microstuttering issues. Some overclocked GTX680 or 7970 Ghz Edition maybe?

    But if you absolutely HAVE TO get 3 GPUs :
    1. I'll let you figure that out. If you care about value for money, single card is the way to go. If you don't, get 3x GTX680

    2. 3770K. You need all the horsepower you can get to feed 3 GPUs

    3. 1200W

    4. Water cooler. The case will get very hot with 3 GPUs inside.

    5. Either one works fine. GPUs operating at x16 and x8 don't show too much variation in performance. x8 gen 3.0 easily has enough bandwidth to handle a top line GPU.

    6. Yes, nothing wrong with that.
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