How do I hook up my case fans to my PC?

I purchased this case from Newegg:

It has controls on the the top to turn on/off the fans. It has three built in fans, one on the back and two in front.

My question is how to I install these? My power supply has plenty of connectors but I am not sure how to go about this.

Also do I hook it into the motherboard or to the power supply? The power supply matches the Molex connectors on the fan cables, and nothing on the motherboard looks like it will work.

Coming from the fans are 5 Molex cables: input, front, rear, top, and side. My case only has the front and rear fans though.

If it helps my motherboard is this

and my power supply is the Antec Earthwatts 650-ea.

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  1. connect all of the case fans molex connectors together and run a single molex power from your power supply. with case fans they are either molex powered (bigger plug) that can be sometimes controlled with a fan controler and there are also 3 pin case fans that plug in directly to your motherboard headers
  2. If the fans have 4-pin connectors, plug them into your motherboard. Otherwise, using molex connectors from the power supply is fine.

    Connecting them to the motherboard would let you control fan speed in BIOS.
  3. If you want to use the fan controller built into the case, then you will need to run a power line form the psu to the fan controller input, then hook up the fans to the output of the fan controller going to each fan itself. It will be important to identify the type of power connector the fan controller uses. If the fan controller uses the small 3 pin plug, then you will need an 4 pin molex to 3 pin fan adapter. Otherwise, you can connect the fans as suggested in the previous posts.

    Although, from reading this review of the case, XION XON-980-BK ATX Mid-Tower Case Review, the case itself will hold up to a total of 7 - 120mm (2 top, 2 side, 2 front, 1 rear) fans and the fan controller can only control up to four fans. Also from the review, the fan controller is only a fan on/off option and has no rheostat to control the fan speeds. This is not necessarily a bad thing as you can have the 3 fans that come with the case hooked up to always run, and then connect the additional fans off the controller and turn them on as you need more cooling.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. Can I hook up all of the fans molex connectors together into one long strip and then plug that strip into the power supply? Also some of the fans molex connectors are 4 ports and some only have 2. Thanks!
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