Good PC?

Ok, i am building a budget gaming pc, so tell me is this ok?

-AMD A8 5600k

-8GB Corsair Vengence RAM

-EVGA GTX 560 TI CLASSIFIED (water-cooled)

-Alpine 700W PSU

-Aerocool Strike-X One Case

Will it run most games on medium settings?
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  1. No. If you have a dedicated graphics card, don't buy an apu. Would be a big waste.
  2. 1) As flexxar said, if you are getting a dedicated card, there is no reason for an APU. The CPU portion of the APU really isn't that powerful, but with a really good integrated graphics chip it makes it a nice all in one package. Swap it out and get an AMD FX-6300 and supporting motherboard.

    2) Drop the alpine power supply and get a more reputable brand. You also don't need 700Ws, you can get away with 500-550W easily for something like you are doing.

    3) Why would you get a last generation GPU? Skip the 560TI and get a GTX660 or higher. Also, don't mess with water cooling a lower end GPU. The blocks are expensive, factory installed or not. You are better off getting a higher model GPU for the money.

    4) Budget? Site you are purchasing from? Where are the rest of your parts, motherboard, etc?
  3. Amazon and motherboard is a asrock fm2a55m-dgs
  4. Also, i went on youtube and saw this...
  5. Also i was on a budget of around £200-£250 (and i'm using some parts from my current pc)
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