Will this gaming rig work? Also, are some of the parts unecessary?

Hello everyone, before I start I'd just like to apologise for the length of this post, I've been looking through these forums for a couple months now while researching for parts. I have experience in modifying PCs (changing parts in pre-built PCs), this will be my first full build. I've now made an account on the basis of getting advice. I'm a student with a budget of £600, I can stretch to a bit more and I've made this plan up:

Motherboard (Already bought):









Wi-Fi Card (Temporary, cannot use Ethernet due to where my PC will be stationed for a few months):

I will be using a 1920 x 1080p screen (a 24" monitor and a 42" LCD TV) and wish to reach 40fps or more on Ultra settings for most games and run dolphin emulator. I am not interested in dual monitoring, overclocking or cross fire. My questions are:
1. Will this rig work?
2. Which GPU should I go for, 7870 or 7850? Is the difference worth getting the 7870 over the 7850?
3. Is the PSU too big?
4. Any advice on cutting costs? I do want a good case in mind.

I'm open to any suggestions to change the setup (except for AMD CPUs). Thank you so much in advance to anyone who helps :)
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  1. Almost forgot, I need a good headset, I've seen this:

    I don't want to spend too much over £20, something decent that's comfy with a good mic and sound would be great. Thanks again.
  2. PSU is overkill, you'll be fine with a 600w
  3. hugh117 said:
    PSU is overkill, you'll be fine with a 600w

    Thank you! Had a conversation with a friend who has a similar setup to this (except he went with AMD FX4100.......) who said his required a 750w PSU, so I was unsure :S
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