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Best GPU for i5-760 without bottleneck

I have an i5 760 with Gt430 on a GA-H55m-d2h Mobo. Want to upgrade to new gpu & psu. Suggestion required. Also can i use gt430 for a dedicated physx card will it bottleneck my upgraded gpu.
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  2. anything from Nvidia which can support my gt430 as dedicated physx card & have good power also
  3. I have the same processor. I figure a GTX670 would complement a Core I5-760 rather nicely. I'd have upgraded already, but no funds to do so (still rockin' the 8800GTS-640)

    -Wolf sends
  4. I am getting gtx 660 @ 14500 INR & 7850 @ 13500. Also would like to know can i use gt430 as dedicated physx card with gtx660 or it willl have issues. Also Gt430 would be put into pcieX4 slot of this mobo
  5. Either of those cards should work out just fine for you and I don't see any reason why you couldn't run the GT430 card as a dedicated PhysX card in the PCI-Ex16 (x4) slot.

    -Wolf sends
  6. will it give better performace in PHYSX games & not bottleneck my gtx 660 performace
  7. Also which PSU will be enough for the RIG as i have upgrade both if i go with Gtx 660
  8. U can also see the 7850 its price will surely drp to 12.5k INR within a month.
  9. and yeah i also want to buy a new graphics card.....
    CPU: i5-760
    MOBO: intel dh55tc
    RAM: 2X4 gb ddr3 1333mhz
    GPU: gt 520

    Budget same as akshayghai29785.
    Can my PSU handle gtx 660 or hd 7850 ??
  10. aditya 7850 is already available @ 13k from gigabyte
  11. Anyways can anyone plz tell me if my PSU can handle a GTX 660 or not !!
  12. Should handle it just fine.

    -Wolf sends
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