XFX GTS 250 Core Edition 1GB No Display

Hello, i got given a XFX GTS 250 Core Edition 1GB, from a friend he said it was working. So i thought why not give it a go! so i went ahead with removing old nvidia drivers for the other GPU, installing this card, Connecting the 6 pin connector to the card. screwing it in place. and then hitting the power The card turns over "fans on" but no display. I've tried resetting my BIOS and then resetting the card. no difference.

just no life in the card! oddly!

I've noticed one odd thing about it tho. Added a image to show you what i mean. it seems like it's missing a connector of somesort?

maybe you can give me advice to what i could do. id really like to test this card out.


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  1. Are you sure that your PSU is powerful enough for that card? I doubt that this is the problem, but it's worth looking into just to be sure.
  2. Nah, i did the oven bake solution, cards alive again. So stuck a decent cooler on it, to keep it cool
  3. Ahh, congratulations on solving the problem.
  4. Thanks, Ran a stress test for like 3-4 hours never tops 70c. so safe to say its gonna be alright! time will tell
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